Do you want to be safe or STRONG?
You don’t see the world the way the world is, you see the world the way that YOU are.
What is the state of your emotional, mental and physical strength?
Everything matters in life.
We will have three guest speakers, to be announced shortly.
Speaker 1: Mark Matson, Investment Advisor – Financial literacy – Mind your money
Speaker 2: Tracey Martin, Immersive Transformational Life Coach – Redefining Rebel – What does it mean to be rebellious in today’s society?
Speaker 3 – Do what you love and make a job out of it.
Saturday start time: 10:00 am – 4:30 pm (catered lunch True Food)
Sunday 8:00 am on the field until we are finished.



Founder & CEO of Matson Money

Mark Matson is an American entrepreneur, author, and innovator in the fields of investing science and financial education. He is the creator of educational experiences, platforms, and tools that make Nobel Prize winning investing research accessible to investors and transform their relationship to money. Most notably, he is the creator of The American Dream Experience and the Matson Method.



PR Specialist

Nicole has been in the public relations industry for more than two decades.

As an entrepreneur, Nicole knows first hand what it takes to build and create a brand with integrity and to navigate the ever changing landscape of the PR industry.